Referent in Epidemiology & Head of Epidemiological Projects – Médecins sans frontières


Being at the vanguard of evolving trends, new challenges and technologies in the field of medical practice and science and linked with external clinical, academic and research institutions

Providing technical capacities to fulfil the medical ambitions of the 2020-2023 OCG Strategic Plan, in particular those in relation to the Operational Policy, innovation and research

Addressing the field support needs in their response to clinical and public health challenges, with flexibility and adaptation of priorities when facing emergencies or difficult conflict situations

Creating an integrated work between Operations and the Medical department through collaborative work platforms, focusing on precise medical operational challenges, selection of standards and improvement of practices.

The role of the Medical Department also includes, in relation with other involved Departments, a critical role on knowledge transmission to field medical staff through adapted trainings and fast access to key reference documents/tools, as well as recruitment strategies.

The REFERENT IN EPIDEMIOLOGY AND HEAD OF EPIDEMIOLOGICAL PROJECTS is responsible and accountable for achievements of the objectives for his/her domain of expertise and to this aim:

  • Gives technical and strategic support to Operations through the Polyvalent Medical Advisor (RMP, responsible medical polyvalent) and, if appropriate, directly to the field with respect to urgent or complex technical and clinical questions linked to his/her domain.
  • Strengthens the skills and competencies of MSF staff through capacity building, through content development of training modules, e-briefing and participation in trainings (as expert trainer).

Your responsibility

  • Is a focal point for all epidemiological and operational research questions for missions of cell 3; has an overview of all epi and OR activities and is proactively monitoring and identifying emerging topics
  • Provides technical support for all field epidemiology (surveys, surveillance, outbreak investigations and follow-up)
  • Supports field epidemiologists in their day-to-day tasks (surveillance, implementation and analysis of surveys, outbreak investigation, analysis of medical data), identifies training and supports needs, including direct support through the field visits Works in close collaboration with DHIS team to support missions in analysing medical data
  • Contributes to long-term dossiers relevant for the region, such as improving community-based surveillance
  • Participates in the trainings organized in the region (ERT, PSP, response to epidemics etc) and is participating in organizing continuous training for field epidemiologists
  • Ensures good communication and collaboration between epi group in Dakar in order to mutualize the field epidemiology work in the region, particularly surveillance
  • Participates to the OCG epi group meetings and task sharing when relevant
  • Participates in external communication when relevant by preparing scientific articles for publication or presenting findings at scientific conferences

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